"I’ve purchased PIR from multiple suppliers in New Zealand and so far this is the best one. It does not crumble too much which makes it quite easy to cut with a cutter. It is a bit more expensive than the competitors, but overall, a better deal and I’ll be a returning customer."
Andrei Armeanu
"For the build of our new house we wanted the highest level of insulation to compliment our "no bills" concept. The traditional glass wool products offered in New Zealand just don't do the job so it was great to find Geoff, Trish and the team at The Alternative Energy Company who offered proper insulation with high R values at a reasonable price. We have used Eurothane insulation throughout the build fitting it under the floor slab, in the walls and ceilings, already we are feeling the benefit, cool in summer and really toasty in winter. We don't use any heating in our new home - we don't need any as the sun provides all the heat we need and the insulation retains it, the log burner is pretty much redundant! The product has performed really well and it was a pleasure dealing with this company."
New Zealand's Best Insulation
John Clifton
Upper Moutere
"When building my new home I was looking to be innovative and to find modern solutions to issues such as heating, insulation and environment.I installed geothermal underfloor heating and to ensure the highest possible floor heat retention is used the method more common in Europe. To do this I poured the reinforced slab first and then placed insulation on the slab with a underfloor heating pipes stapled to the insulation and then a 60 mm 'topping' slab poured overall.To undertake this work I needed to find an insulation that was strong, compact, easy to use and yet had a high 'R' value. I found the Alternative Energy supplied PIR foam to be exactly what I needed. Once my reinforced slab was poured I laid 50 mm PIR foam on top with 25mm PIR foam around the outside walls to form a prefect 'tub' for my topping slab to sit within, This ensured the absolute minimum of heat loss from the slab itself (something that does not seem to get much consideration here in NZ).Due to the high structural strength of the PIR foam it is super easy. I could cut it with a regular saw, a skill saw, or a gib knife with no effort at all. Once laid the PIR foam can be walked on without collapsing and thus the laying of the underfloor heat pipes was a relatively simple affair. The strength of the PIR foam was also beneficial when attaching the underfloor pipes as it easily held the plastic staples used to keep the pipes in place.I would highly recommend this product and more only regret it that I didn't also use it for the rest of the house insulation. Far easy and more friendly to work with than either regular polystyrene or fibreglass batts.In addition the team at alternative Energy are very customer focused and always addressed any issues and queries I add as quickly and timely as possible."
Lyal Mudford
Upper Moutere
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