Why Is Insulation Important?

Thermal insulation stops the movement of heat. Heat likes to move from warm zones to cool zones as it tries to even the temperatures in both areas.

This means in winter the hot air inside your home tries to escape outside where it is colder. In summer hot air tries to move inside where it is cooler.

Heat Loss House, New Zealand

Timber-Framed House Insulation Requirements

Additional Requirements

  • The total window area must be ≤ 30% of the total exterior wall area.
  • The combined window area of the east, south and west walls must be ≤ 30% of the combined area of these walls.
  • The total skylight area must be ≤ 1.2m².
  • The total area of leadlight glass must be ≤ 2.6 m².
  • If you have downlights that are not CA-Rated, they will reduce the thermal resistance of the ceiling and you will need to increase the insulation R-value to compensate.
  • The R-value of carpets or floor coverings must not be included in calculation of floor R-values.
  • For heated walls or ceilings, higher R-values are required (walls R 2.6, Ceilings R 3.5).
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