Tips for installing PIR insulation boards correctly

Eurothane GP PIR insulation boards provide a thermal insulation solution that fully meets the requirements of current legislation, as well as the demands of building professionals, specifiers and users.

With a wide range of thicknesses, Eurothane GP offers high performance insulation available from as thin as 25mm. Eurothane GP can be used for overcoming thermal bridging and can be used in two layer build ups including between and under rafters and over stud in timber frame wall lining applications.

High performance insulation featuring low emissivity foil facings, Eurothane GP is suitable for a range of roof, wall and floor applications and it also achieves an ‘A’ rating when compared in the BRE Green Guide. Eurothane GP has low GWP and zero ODP ratings across all products.

Eurothane GP performs to a compressive strength of 140 kPa giving improved resistance to site traffic during installation.

Ceiling, under floor, wall insulation


Eurothane GP insulation boards should be stored dry, flat and clear of the ground. Take only as many boards as required to be installed during a single working period to prevent damage.


  • Always install Eurothane GP insulation boards in accordance with the instructions supplied by Alternative Insulation.
  • Eurothane GP insulation boards should not be installed when the temperature is at or below 4°C.
  • Where possible, cut the product using the fine toothed saw to minimise dust creation.
  • When cutting Eurothane GP insulation, dust extraction equipment, eye protection and face masks should be used. Dust or particles in the eyes should be washed out with liberal quantities of water.
  • When laying boards next to each other, push boards together tightly and tape joins with Eurothane tape.


  • Care should be taken to ensure that packs are not dropped on to their corners or edges.
  • Aluminum foil edges may be sharp. Avoid sliding bare hands along board edges.

Eurothane Insulation Tape

For the sealing of joins in Eurothane GP PIR insulation boards. This product prevents air leakage, completes the vapour control layer and maximises thermal performance. Eurothane Insulation Tape can be used for walling systems, flooring and pitched roofing applications.

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